Hop-Cube provides web solutions to manage and promote environmental information

Big data, energy data, connected devices, carbon footprints, product life cycle analysis… Environmental data can be various and from many sources.

A main challenge for today’s companies: manage and channel that data whie enhancing their business proposition.

Hop-Cube is an innovating IT company supported by Mairie de Paris, BPI France, Paris Développement, ADEME and AFNOR.

Capitalizing on their IT, sustainability and marketing skills, our experts empower, optimize and facilitate data management projects. With our CSR strategy, we want analyzing impacts, eco-designing products and communicating to all become easier.

The solutions and collaborative platforms available from Hop-Cube ease the workload of business stakeholders by enabling them to use and display all data collected in readable and manageable reporting files.

engrenagesDesigning specific web collaborative platforms

noun_45869_ccImplementing web solution: HopMedia

noun_83661_ccAdvising companies on environmental communication





Thomas Albisser (CEO) graduated from the French Engineering School of Information and Digital Technologies (EFREI). IT and sustainable development enthusiast, he co-founded Hop-Cube in 2009. Hop-Cube soon became pioneer in environmental labeling on digital supports.

Our team now translates our clients’ functional and strategic needs into appropriate collaborative Web solutions.

Many companies rely on Hop-Cube both in France and across Europe. From real-time data processing to in-depth data analysis, many non-expert users connect to our solutions on a daily basis in order to manage their extra-financial reporting: carbon footprints, CSR balances, environmental labeling, and so on.