Codde Bureau Veritas
Codde Bureau VeritasA recognized expert in LCA and Eco-design
The mission at Bureau Veritas CODDE is to guide manufacturers and retailers in the implementation of their sustainable development processes.
In the context of environmental labeling projects, Hop-Cube formulates parameters with and builds on the expertise of Bureau Veritas Codde.
AIR SÛRConsultancy agency specialized in air quality projects
AIR SÛR is a consultancy agency. Its teams will guide you in your air quality projects: advice, diagnoses, risk analyses, implementation of solutions, etc. AIR SÛR and Hop-Cube have developed a dedicated tool for companies and communities to evaluate their transportation strategy on air pollution.
ekodevConsultancy agency specialized in sustainability
As a consulting agency specialized in transportation, IT and eco-design, Ekodev supports its clients in their sustainable development strategies from conception to completion.
Within the context of a joint project, Hop-Cube encourages companies to promote soft mobility solutions: Hop-Cube has built a specific platform which allows employees to follow their efforts on a day-to-day basis. Ekodev is responsible for site project animation with a view to involving all stakeholders.

Hop-Cube aims to provide its clients with the most complete solution possible. We partner with experts to combine our technical skills and know-how with a view to providing complementary specialisms.