In september 2015, COVEA (group bringing together French Mutual insurances) asked Hop-Cube to build a collaborative web platform to support the sustainable mobility challenge they organized with their 22 000 employees. The goal of this challenge was very simple! The employees were asked to use their bike of feet to go from home to work and vice versa. Behind this challenge, Covea aimed to raise awareness about sustainable mobility and reinforce the bounds between the teams.

Hop-Cube designed and built a new custom platform to collect, gather and publish data collected during the challenge. All the participants could then see how many kilometers they did walking or biking and how well their teams were ranked.

Thomas Albisser, Hop-Cube’s CEO strongly believes that the web platform is the perfect tool to mobilize the participants:

“Every day, the participants could see how many kilometers they had travelled (individually and as part of a team), how many Kcal they had consumed, how many kg of CO2 they had saved, and so on.”

Covéa’s employees travelled more than 236 760 km and saved more than 60 140 kg of CO2 by using their feet and legs instead of their cars!

The experience is a success.

60,139 kg of CO2 were saved and over 236 761 km were traveled on foot or bicycle by employees between their homes and their work but also privately.

Pascale Bergonier, in charge of the project at Covéa:

“The challenge also allowed Covéa employees to rally behind a common goal. They used the company social network to communicate on the challenge.”

About the challenge:

By registering on the web platform dedicated to the challenge, the employees participating could declare the distances they travelled on foot and / or by bicycle. The kilometers were then counted. In addition, each participant was randomly enrolled in one of 12 teams formed.  

Offer your teams to reach all together a defined distance by counting over a given period, all kilometers traveled by bicycle, on foot, by carpooling or public transportation!
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