Thomas Albisser

By Thomas Albisser, Hop-Cube’s CEO and co-founder

I have been leading a working group on environmental labeling on electronic devices for about a year and half. Since I started Hop-Cube, I have always been interested in informing end-consumers about the environmental impact of the consumer goods they buy.

Last month, I had the opportunity to present my work and points of view on that matter at the French conference on eco-design. I was asked the following question:

“Why should producers improve the environmental performance of consumer goods and services they sell?”

Eco conception 1First of all, I would like to focus on the following word: “performance”. In the context of the conference, any one would obviously think about environmental performance. By environmental performance, we mean the level of impact a product could have on the environment, from its design to its recycling phase.
To me the word “performance” rather evokes the economic level. Eco-designing products is a first step to reduce production costs but I believe that this process cannot work all by itself. I am convinced that end consumers have a key role to play in order to significantly reduce the environmental impacts of products.


How should we display environmental labeling on products is an interesting and challenging question as well.

eco conception 2Digital tools present a unique opportunity to broaden the scope of environmental labeling.
At Hop-Cube, we imagined and designed a unique collaborative web platform that gathers data from thousands of consumer products. And it is this very platform that publishes automatically a clear environmental rating on each product sold online and in stores.

Why use this platform? Because it can aggregate an unlimited number of data, make reliable life-cycle analysis (LCA) calculations and dramatically increase the number of ratings available.


At Hop-Cube, we choose to industrialize environmental labeling on products.

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