fnacIn september 2013, FNAC (major French cultural and electronic device retailer) decided to entrust Hop-Cube to deploy environmental labelling on all the TVs sold.

As of today, environmental information is available not only in store but also online. You can now find such information on TV, cell phones, tablets but also laptops.


Source: Groupe Fnac

  • Major French cultural and electronic device retailer
  • Stores: 184 stores in France and abroad
  • Turnover: 3,895 billion € in 2014
  • E-commerce website: 9,5 million unique visitors a month
  • Clients: 66 million customers welcomed in all stores by the end of 2014
  • Employees: 14,500 employees (61 % in France | 39 % worldwide)

FNAC’s environmental labelling program

Displaying an environmental eco-rating through clear and understandable labels allows FNAC:

  • to improve the customer experience by providing access to accurate information on the environmental impact of products sold online and in stores
  • to improve its sellers’ expertise
  • Gaining the consumer’s confidence
  • Making the label understandable by all
  • Displaying the information widely
  • Facilitating consumer’s choice


A growing demand for sustainable impact information

Customers more and more express a need for transparency. In Europe, 69 % of citizens support governments to make companies publish reports on their environmental performance.

A substantial impact on sales

Environmental footprint information is becoming a key lever in the buying process as customers become aware of the potential negative impact the increasing use of electronic devices can have on the planet.