From November 30 to December 11, France is hosting the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, also widely known as COP21. A new international agreement on Climate change applicable to all countries is expected to keep global warming below 2°C.

Hop-cube believes that this global event is a good occasion to focus on two crucial sustainability aspects that matter to us.

  • Environmental labelling on consumer goods should definitely be an important topic to discuss during the debates,
  • The quest for sustainability should rely on relationship between digital and ecology.

When it comes to designing new environmental friendly solutions to protect our planet, we believe that digital innovation has a key role to play.

  • noun_137607_ccFrom a technical and scientific point of view, new technologies such as Big Data increase the opportunities to evaluate and model the impacts of climate change. They become powerful tools to convey environmental studies and solutions to the next level.
  • CommunicationFrom a communication point of view, like the fight against global warming, digital innovation knows no border. Thanks to digital innovation, governments, private companies, scientists, NGOs and end-consumers are all provided with a huge opportunity to exchange and get access to qualitative information.

We will be not only paying attention during the next 10 days to the place that digital mobilization will take in the negotiations but also to questions this subject might raise:

  • What kind of synergies can we build between new technologies and environment?
  • How can we encourage exchanges between scientists, citizens, industry, associations?
  • To which technologies should we look to promote the environmental and energy transition?
  • What is the impact of digital technology on sustainable development?

Because digital is important for sustainability and environment, it should also be important for you. That’s why Hop-Cube is committed to helping you find the right answers to your questions on this issue.

We will be attending several conferences during the next few days, find us on Twitter and on our website to follow the debates!