HopMedia: get business value from sustainable data

responsiveAs a true software editor and sustainability expert, Hop-Cube has developed a SaaS Web platform to meet the needs of environmental data collection and publication.

Hop-Cube delivers transparent software which is easily configurable for every type of methodology pattern.

Automating data collection, analysis and delivery is a key asset of HopMedia. Thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, non-expert users can easily search for and find non-financial indicators and sustainable data located both on their information systems and from their suppliers.


A customisable and comprehensive web tool

Once the core system is fully integrated, you can add new modules (air quality, carbon footprint, etc.) upon request and according to your needs to deal with your sustainability projects of tomorrow – thus making the platform even more powerful.


A collaborative platform to ease data networking

HopMedia connects data sources. You can either collect your data manually (recording the indicators from your laptop or Smartphone) and/or automate the collection via the platform to your information system, or using tools such as connected devices.


An open computing engine: manage your data

HopMedia relies on specific technology that provides you with a graphic interface that allows you to manage the indicators collected with great ease – specifically when dealing with a large number of sites, methodologies and a heavy amount of information.


Transforming raw data into reliable information

Calculating your carbon footprint, informing your stakeholders of your results, building a long-term strategy, ensuring compliance is now easier. Results can be released in a significant number of formats: PDF files, digital copy, environmental labelling, widgets, etc.

Main features

  • HopMedia is the first software solution compliant with the Carbon Footprint methodology. The platform is certified by “Association Bilan Carbone” (ABC), it also is compatible with European standards
  • Data collection campaigns are fast and reliable: the platform can be fully synchronised with all existent information systems and is IoT ready
  • Compute as you collect: HopMedia is a fully transparent and open computing engine, it ensures the reliability of the data gathered and their results
  • You can calculate standardised and/or customised indicators at the same time thanks to an easy to use interface
  • The application in sustainable data is wide: products (e.g. LCA, labels, etc.) companies (e.g. CSR, global impacts, etc.), construction site & buildings (e.g. HQE, BREEAM etc.)
  • Communicating and involving stakeholders both internally and externally become easy

Read what our clients have to say


Environmental labeling

“An educational approach is essential for our brand: the design for the environmental label displayed on eco-designed sofas at Maison du Monde is in line with the expectations of our clients.”

Maisons du Monde offers a wide range of furniture and exclusive decorative items for the home.

Environmental labeling on home goods

“Setting up the widget on our product Web pages was so quick and easy! The Hop-Cube team guided us step by step throughout this process. The independent scoring system totally matched our expectations in terms of sustainable development.”

BUT is a major French home furnishings and white goods retailor.

Vincent Lévy, Internet Director, BUT
Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), EN 15804

“Our goal is to provide our clients with environmental information on all of our products. Compliance with an international standard is a crucial condition and the Hop-Cube platform guarantees that compliance.”

Clamens specializes in treating and recycling building materials.