Last month, we attended the annual presentation of GreenFlex’s study on global consumption facts and trends in France.

greenflexWho is GreenFlex? GreenFlex is a French consulting agency that has been involved in societal and environmental topics for 15 years now. GreenFlex’s expertise in terms of consultancy is built on 3 main pillars, which come together to deploy the positive economy, an economy based on reversibility that restores natural and human capital.

This year’s topic was: Responsible consumption in France

“Consumer behavior patterns can be affected by the global lack of confidence, health concerns, or economic issues. Local consumption, environmental impact and social issues appear to be more and more important for French consumers. Global consumption trends studied here tend to be part of individual behavior. French people are more and more comitted towards responsible consumption at their own scale.”

Source : GreenFlex

At Hop-Cube, were were particularly pleased to hear that the major trends on responsible consumption match our commitment to transparency and product information.

For instance, according to the study (study in French), only 16 % of French consumers consider that companies give them enough information about the manufacturing conditions of the products they buy.

Besides, French consumers have expressed their need to consume differently, by focusing on more ethical, less polluted, eco-labelled and local products.
Choosing products in a context of mass market is not easy.

This is why Hop-Cube is committed towards environmental labbeling. We strongly believe that labeling products is an important step to a better consumption and in the end, a better economy.

Thanks to the environmental labeling projects lead by our clients since 2009, we are fully aware of the added value of environmental information in the consumption process. Between 2 products with similar characteristics, consumers will tend to choose the less impactful on the environment. It is even more relevant when consumers are in contact with truthworthy environmental information.

Besides, we believe that relying on environmental labeling also encourages manufactures to improve the way they make consumer goods. Environmental labeling impacts the full consumption chain.

At Hop-Cube, we choose to industrialize environmental labeling on products.

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