Gathering data is the first big step when it comes to promote environmental information. But it is not enough. At Hop-Cube, we focus on creating real value for the company we collect the data for. How do we achieve that? By connecting these data between them.

We chose to rely on a very innovative technology used typically by social networks sur as Facebook or Linkedin. We apply this very technology to sustainability and transform raw data into stratetegic indicators.

Graphically, this technology results in nodes or bubbles that will be bonded to each other – according to a specific methodology -.

For the end-user who may not be a specialist, such combinations are very easy to make and to understand. They also give endless possible combinations! Besides, this method provides the company with a reliable and auditable guarantee of transparency.

Below is an example of a shortened methodology: it illustrates the energy consumption and waste production for an office in a building.

Graphique Hop-Cube ENG

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