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Revue de presse / 11 février 2014

European Commission – Climate Action

Key environmental data. At your fingertips (France).

Hop-Cube – the sustainability barometer that helps you monitor the impacts of what you buy on greenhouse gas emissions and on water and land use.
A recent European survey revealed that four out of five Europeans consider the environmental impact of the products they buy, with more than 80% saying it plays an important role in their purchasing decisions. Now, thanks to French company Hop-Cube, finding out how environmentally friendly a product is has just got easier.
“Hop-Cube publishes data on about 40,000 products a day. That’s three million entries a month,” said Thomas Albisser, chief engineer and associate at Hop-Cube.
Products carry the sustainability barometer on their packaging, digitally through a mobile and/
or directly on the product page of e-merchant websites.

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